Thread: Pre-Game Talk: ECF: Rangers Vs Devils
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05-14-2012, 03:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Tundra View Post
But look at his chest protector. It looks like he's going to Tikrit to disable roadside IEDs.

With that said, he isn't committing any rules violations. Just gaining a small tactical advantage which I can't exactly fault him for, but it does look funny with that absurd chest protector he's wearing.

Despite this minor qualm, he still needs to read the play, identify the shooter and locate the puck at high speeds. Lundqvist would obviously be world class with regular sized chest protectors but those are abit overboard, at least from my perspective.
if we're going to complain about his chest protector can we complain about fatso's gut? i mean that's an unfair advantage isn't it? lundqvist has to fit a lady on his lap in his lambo. he can't afford to gain any weight.

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