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Originally Posted by SCritical View Post
So I play in a non contact womens league, but I seem to have gotten on the wrong side of a particular player.

This woman is best described as a brick ****house on skates - at least 200 pounds - and plays a D. Everytime we're on the ice together, somehow she will get behind me and pound me in the numbers, and down I go. If we meet in front of the net, I get leveled - then again when I try to get up, until they've cleared the puck. I've practically got indents on my back from her stick

She is rough with everyone but I think - and my teammates and coach agree - that she's going after me in particular. And no, the refs don't care. They won't call a thing against their home team.

So, what do HF? I want to stand my ground but I don't want to hurt her or get too many stupid penalty minutes.
The refs really play favorites with the home team in a no contact womens league game? What the hell?

Anyway, isn't there some kind of league official that oversees the whole thing that you can discuss the situation with? If it's that egregious, then that person should get involved and make sure the refs are calling the game appropriately.

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