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Originally Posted by QuietCompany View Post
Just there a significant difference b/t hockey inline skates and regular ones? I've heard you can go faster on normal ones but you can turn better on hockey skates? I've always used normal inline ones and haven't had a huge problem but need a new pair and thinking of making the switch. The hockey roller blades seemed to be priced at a lot higher here and I've had trouble finding a size since the stores have so few of them anyways. Plus they seem uncomfortable at the top part where your leg is, they seem like they would cause your leg to get sore where the top tip of the skate is after a playing for a while unlike the inline ones which are padded at the top.

If it's a difference in wheels then not a big concern either because you can always get cheap wheels online and usually need to replace them based on the ones that come with the roller blades anyways.

This is for playing on pavement or asphalt btw. Thx
There's a reason why they're more expensive. They're usually constructed better.

Recreational ice skates are much cheaper than hockey ice skates too, but you'd be insane to try to play a game of hockey with these:

Rec skates just aren't built for the quick cuts, sharp turns, and hard stops that come along with hockey.

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