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Originally Posted by Hank4Hart View Post
personally, i find the old school jofa helmets (390 or 290... or the model selanne wears cant remember the number) to be the best, you can adjust them depth wise and length wise... and also they are pretty bendy around the temple/ear area so they give you a snug fit without hurting your temples.

AND the jofa helmets use the same foam that you see in the croc sandals.. these type of foam lasts you pretty much forever and ever so you never have to buy a new helmet, unlike the new styrofoam garbage that the major companies like bauer and reebok pump out now, you have to replace those helmets after one major impact cause they are no good afterwards.

you can get one of those jofa helmets on ebay for relatively cheap. trust me you wont go wrong with them, they fit almost everyone and they are seriously the best long lasting helmets i have ever had.

edit: i have the 298 (goalie version of 290) and the 390 and i can confirm they adjust depth wise... i cant confirm for the 290 though.
There's really just a ton of misinformation in this post.

A) EPP is not styrofoam garbage.
B) The foam in Jofa helmets is not the same as Crocs (not that that would make any difference with regards to head protection...)
C) You don't have to replace an EPP helmet after one major impact, unless it is significant enough to damage the helmet, in which case you would have to replace any helmet.
D) Jofa helmets are old and would be ineligible for use in any league or facility that requires players to wear certified helmets on the ice.

It's great that you like them, but please don't spread misinformation in order to try and make your point.

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