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05-14-2012, 09:38 AM
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I'm all for standing up to bullies on the school yard where the worst consequence is a bloody nose. Not in a contact sport where you're carrying around weapons and can have collisions that result in serious injury.

A couple months back, a guy got ticked off because I scored two goals, so he elbowed my head into the glass. This is the kind of idiot we're dealing with in rec leagues. I told him to **** off and watch it, and he literally winds up and two hands me across the shins, then starts asking to fight. This is rec league. Nobody would make a high school JV team at our level. Yet he wants to be a goon.

Shoving me out of the crease is fine. Incidental contact going after the puck is fine. 99% of the time both guys apologize if there's a big hit because we're grownups.

For the 1% who start butt ending players or slashing at the ankles or whatever it is they think "real hockey" is supposed to be played, I'll typically just skate twice as hard and try to go through them, keeping my head on a swivel. If they "get in my lane", so be it. Usually they back off and so do I. Once a year, some joker has to take it to the next level and try to fight me and by then the refs will usually break it up and put the guys in the box (fighting is 1-year suspension from the league, no tolerance).

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