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05-14-2012, 10:03 AM
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Originally Posted by mrjimmyg89 View Post
8pm sucks for us? How about those wonderful fans over in Europe. They have a hard time watching the games and then going to work AFTER the game is over, that the extra hour is harmful for them. A pregame nap might be best for those fans. I feel for you guys.
It works out pretty allright. 7pm, 7.30pm or 8pm really doesn't matter to me. If it's an 8pm start, I can get a nice nap from midnight to 1.30 in time for the pgs. As I'm fortunate enough to have flex time, I can get three more hours from 5am (local time of course) to 8am.

Overtime really is a killer, though. And triple OT...well that was just crazy.

Originally Posted by YetAnotherNorwegian View Post
Come on guys, make this day just a little bit better. The 22 year old centre back on my favorite soccer team here in Norway was found dead on a construction site this morning after being missing for two days. I need a win now!
Yeah, that was horrible news. I feel for you bro, and all my thoughts go out to Stabęk (the club), his fellow players, fans, friends and family. A tragical end for such a good kid.

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