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05-14-2012, 10:04 AM
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The enemy of my enemy of my enemy is my friend was obviously the way this thread/poll was going to go down. No matter...just the way it is when you play in the cultural hub and entertainment capital of the world. And there is obviously alot of jealousy and envy from Devil and Isle fans due to all the attention Rangers get warranted or unwarrented...just the way it is. The haters are simply going to hate

If shoe was on other foot, no way in hell could I choose between Pens/Devils/Flyer or even Islanders...hate them all with deep passion.

Ironic thing about this all is I read alot of our rival fans message boards(Flyers,Jersey,Isles,Pens and Bruins) in particularly and this year I have never read so many complimentary statements about the Rangers("they really are good...we just can't beat them" said plenty of Flyer fans this year, "they are actually doing it the right way afterall" said many Devil fans during the year, "they remind me of our team when we won the Cup" said plenty of Bruin fans, "gotta admit Rags don't look like same old Rags" said plenty of Pens fans this year.

Bottom line: Rangers are easy to say publicly that you hate them cause that's the "cool thing" to do and say and it runs with the crowd. But deep down, alot of our rival fan bases are actually admiring how this team has done things and despite our coach acting grouchy at times, I've never seen Rangers respected as much as they have EVER!!

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