Thread: Speculation: NHL Amnesty: Pronger vs Bryz
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05-14-2012, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by FlyersMania2 View Post
Now this is just dumb...Flyers fans want to get rid of Bryz AFTER 1 YEAR.


We can decide he won't be worth his 8 year contract in 1 year? Really? I mean jeez at least give him another year to decide. Come on. Not to mention, does that really help anything?

Doing it now? Do you think ANY DECENT GOALIE in his right mind would come play here? Come down to earth. The guy had a rough year. Our fanbase alone is tough to adapt to as a goalie, let alone all the media attention, carousel defense, etc - it was his very first year in a city like Philly.

Sheesh. Imagine if all of you lost your careers based on your first year of work in an office? Sure, you may get bad performance reviews but as everyone in every other career field knows, it takes time to adapt and settle in to be successful.

You would rather ship off our first good goalie in ages after one year then buy out a guy who will probably never play hockey again.

I am a Flyers fan and this poll makes me not want to admit it.
The thread is about an Amnesty clause, which if it exists at all, will be for this year and this year only. That is the only reason we're having this debate. It is basically a debate about the likelyhood that Bryz becomes the goalie we all thought he would be, or if we're stuck with a mediocre goalie for 8 more years. If this were any other year and the CBA wasn't about to expire, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

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