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05-14-2012, 11:56 AM
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The Rangers are a JM fantasy team. Give them a one goal lead and they turn into 5 d. It is a lot like Montreal during our recent run, but the teams that survived this year are a lot bigger and had the tools to be tougher along the road here. Partly why we folded like a wet suit to Philly, Imo.

The thing that's really killing hockey though it what Torts called "ping pong hockey". Getting rid of the red line was supposed to enhance opportunities for speed and skill, but it's largely killed it. If someone tries to skate with puck and dump and chase, the D are now allowed to block them out. But if you rip the puck from deep in your own zone and it even grazes, or often even so much as goes near, someone on your team in the neutral zone then icing is waved off. Meaning we now see something like 50 icings a game, all legal. It's long-bomb dump and chase and it SUCKS.

The ringette line is interesting, but yet another complication. Leave it to the NHL to add more lines and more shifting, situational complexity to the game instead of simply putting the red line back in and let puck carriers and distributors become important again. Gretzky did okay with it. Lemiux, Orr, Marcel Dionne, Lafontaine. All those guys would be less useful to their teams in a ping-pong system than they were in their time, I feel.

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