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05-14-2012, 01:15 PM
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Not a Caps fan...

but wanted to get your reactions.
I am confused.

I thought you all would be devastated losing Hunter.
The Caps were a mess with a lot of infighting.
I have never seen a Caps team work so hard as they did; most of you disliked how the 2010 club was all about scoring and no grinding.

I thought DH changed all this...but yet most of you aren't upset he is leaving. Am I missing something?

At the start of the season making it to game 7 round 2 would have been a disappointment but considering where the Caps were early Spring I thought this was something to build upon.

It looks now like DH was nothing but a hired gun...a deadline player who is walking and you have to start from scratch.

Don't get why the coach left either since I thought he did a good job.

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