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Originally Posted by Doakes View Post
but wanted to get your reactions.
I am confused.

I thought you all would be devastated losing Hunter.
The Caps were a mess with a lot of infighting.
I have never seen a Caps team work so hard as they did; most of you disliked how the 2010 club was all about scoring and no grinding.

I thought DH changed all this...but yet most of you aren't upset he is leaving. Am I missing something?

At the start of the season making it to game 7 round 2 would have been a disappointment but considering where the Caps were early Spring I thought this was something to build upon.

It looks now like DH was nothing but a hired gun...a deadline player who is walking and you have to start from scratch.

Don't get why the coach left either since I thought he did a good job.
A few things to understand. First and foremost, we are a miserable, misanthropic bunch who are happy whenever anyone related to our team gets canned or leaves. It's the consequence of 35 years of torture rooting for this franchise.

Second, the perceptions about "in-fighting" and/or lack of effort were almost purely driven by national media that doesn't follow the Caps. Team chemistry has never really been a major issue. There have been times when it seemed like we needed more leadership, but the team has always gotten along. One moment of frustration on the bench by Ovie (the "fat ass" thing at Boudreau) was a major exception, not the rule.

Third, the Caps became a coin flip hockey team. We've gotten accustomed to being considered an elite team, and now we basically traded that for a coin flip every game, no matter who we played. Sure, we worked hard in making the games coin flip games, but it's still a crappy way to try and succeed when you feel like you have the talent to be elite. The hope is that the players can take some of the lessons they learned playing the Hunter style and hang onto them when transitioning to a style that is more befitting of the roster.

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