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Originally Posted by irishlaxburger2 View Post
My question is how will they change the sightlines/make the upper bowl steeper without actually shifting a lot of concrete around. I'm not a construction person or engineer, so I know very little on the issue, but common sense leads me to believe it's close to impossible without making a wholesale change in the concrete structure.

I've seen the cross section view comparing the old sightlines/steepness of the upper level with the new. It's a pretty drastic shift.

They can just build up on top of what is already there.

I think that is what he is saying.

Take any arena, you can add 3 ft to first row, 4 to second and so forth, and right there you have changed the angle/sight lines. But at MSG they are also moving forward over current walkway. So they will be starting at edge of walkway, with luxury boxes underneath (sitting directly on current walkway), then build up ON TOP OF current structure, making steeper as you go. No need to remove current structure, just cover it up, using it as a foundation for new seats.

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