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Originally Posted by Acallabeth View Post
OK smartass enlighten me.
What I know is that any spearing is a major penalty or match penalty (the latter gaining an automatic suspension) no matter intentional or not. Even a spearing movement with no contact is at least 2+2+10.

What I know as well is that Yemelin was suspended for a game for a soft spearing and Franzen dive after Franzen himself provoked Yemelin.

What I know as well is that Kalinin got 3 games for an unintentional and unfortunate crosscheck to the face (which everyone was considering a mistake), this shutting up all the talk about (un)tentional.

Then again, what's the reasoning for not suspending Nedved?
Accidental<->intentional. They have common sense on that. Can't remember a single incident of a player getting suspended for an accidental spear, which is actually a wrong term for it.

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