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Originally Posted by irishlaxburger2 View Post
In that case, where are you going to get the additional room for new, much wider concourses? They won't just form out of thin air. You need to carve them out of the underside of the existing concrete structure. So in that case, you're taking some out of the bottom for the concourses and adding some new to the top for new sightlines.

It's not a complete overhaul, but still a lot of concrete work - both removal and new addition. In terms of actual structural change, this is easily the most complicated and shape-shifting of the three phases.
Not an architect, and no inside knowledge, but there has to be a lot of "wasted" space in current set up. New arrangement will have entrances for 300 up at least one level (entering bowl mid way, instead of at front), so I think they will just be able to use a lot more of what they have (with weight bearing structure intact) for wider concourses.

Any way they do it, I am sure they have a plan, and I am psyched! Moving from Row B (where sight line is not the best when Row A leans forward on wall or 200's stand up) to Row 3! My personal viewing will be greatly improved!

Was talking to a Union construction guy, and he said prior to game 7 they had meeting (not about MSG, just general Union meeting) and they (union) were rooting for Rangers to lose so the jobs can start. The plan was for them to be fully working by now. Do not know if new plan is more workers to expedite, later start of home season, or leaving things unfinished, but it is a concern.

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