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Originally Posted by jonrazor12 View Post
Sounds like you have never played a sport outside of a youth or adult recreational league.

Captains are important. Sometimes words are not enough to explain it to someone that has not experienced it first hand.

Not every captain fulfills his/her responsibilities. There are good captains and bad captains. Some captains receive their captaincy for the wrong reasons. See Ovechkin.

A captain is someone who should be looked upon to lead by example. Someone that commands others attention and respect. They don't necessarily have to be the best player, despite the fact that it seems to be a common occurrence in the NHL.

Nonetheless, captains play a important role in all team sports.
But the C on your jersey wont change this... if youre leader and the team looks to you to lead then it doesnt matter if you have a C on your jersey or not.

My opinion of a player isnt going to change because he was named captain. Im not suddenly like 'oh wow I guess maybe I should listen to him now that hes been named captain'.

Leaders matter for sure but the 'Captain' doesnt matter at all. A team would be just as good with no official captain.

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