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Originally Posted by i2edAlien View Post
People aren't really arguing except one individual who is trying to make a point in hindsight.

There no was way of telling that the Vokoun deal would've turned out the way it did. Everyone who is not a Vokoun hater would've made the same call 1000/1000 times. $1.5m for what was thought of at the time, one of the better goalies in the league.

Keep in mind Holtby's call up was circumstantial. They had no choice.
Poll 1000 HFB posters at the time Vokoun was signed and 999 of them would have called it a good signing.

People fail to realize how fragile goalies are and how their injuries inordinately affect a team's chances of success in any given season. It takes a lot of luck to win a Cup.

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