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05-14-2012, 02:08 PM
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Nets will be bigger
Red line will be back, then gone.
Auto icing will happen
Goalie trapezoid will become bit bigger.
Cycling puck will lead to 200 more concussions, and career ending injuries as players have their backs to play, and heads down.
Gary Bettman will still be a ******. There will be a team in Quebec, Hamilton, Vegas, + 1 more SW ONT.
Don Cherry will still be hitting Ron Maclean with hard plastic equipment that is causing major injuries, then getting oxygen from his mask to go get air for his next rant.
Head shots will be 100% banned.
CAP will be $85 million, with option to go over with huge penalties, so Leafs will be able to overpay UFA's to at least get them to think of playing for them.
MacDonalds wil celebtrate its 1,000,000 customer who died from their hear stopping food.
3 canadian teams will win cups, 2 Oilers, 1 Winnipeg
Detroit will still be a contender as players take less money, to play for well run organization.
Roberto Luongo will still have 75 years left...
RNH will beat Sittlers 10 point game night, Gretzky's 50 goals in 39 games.
Carrie Underwood will still be hot, and she will be my wife...sweet

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