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Originally Posted by Johnyrocket View Post
You're correct that there is no east/west for the 4 conferences, but the way they are split up you can pair the conferences in a sense for the first two rounds as east/west for travel purposes.

I understand what ur saying about central teams being closer to the east, but there is nothing we can do about geography & traditionally those teams "play in the west" so it would make more sense for a wild card team to travel within its east/west zone than from LA to NY.

Also you might be right about the 4 games, might be 2 wild card games max, I'll have to look into that.

Perhaps one way to punish the wild card team & to make it better for the 1 seed in its own conference is to go to a 3-2-2 format, to reduce travel and give the 1st seed a real good home advantage and reward for being the regular season conference champion.

Great ideas btw though & great to see people open to discussion.

Just for arguments sake, imagine LA this year coming up as a Wild Card, spanking the Central Conference and going to the SCF... And playing PHX or VAN in the finals...What a story! People who argue X division/conference is superior because teams have more points would be exposed as fools if a Wild Card walked in and spanked another conference. Would be fun for the game! Bragging rights would be cool too.
That is rare and it could potentially inter-conference SCF opponent, imagine this, Pittsburgh-Philadelphia final if one of them were a wild-card, imagine the potential storyline of this rivalry. Or, how about this, a Boston-Montreal finals? Toronto-Montreal, or Edmonton-Calgary SCF finals? This wildcard system makes this possible and it will work well if used properly. You can make this dream SCF match-up that would not possible without this wildcard format.

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