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05-14-2012, 03:25 PM
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I see what you're saying... But why increase the travel of a group of teams that are within 100 miles of each other when the goal is to reduce travel. Not all teams will get the benefit, but that's life. We can't move mountains and cities.

Also, how would making Philly travel to St. Louis or Florida be fair? I understand they might have an advantage to have 4 teams within an hours drive, but there isn't much that can be done about those teams.

I don't think smaller divisions are the solution, I think larger groups/conferences are. I think the NHL got it right with their proposal.
Personally I prefer no divisions at all within one conference but how do you format a balanced schedule with all 82 games so 4-team divisions with two expansions and we will get 8 divisions but we also keep its conference for sake of travel and balance schedule:
divisional games: 3 teams, 6 games=18 games
conference games: 4 teams, 4 games=16 games
other teams in league: 24 teams, 2 games=48 games
That makes it 82 games.

How then do you propose a balance schedule to keep its 82 games if we have all 8 teams conference with no divisions?

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