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Originally Posted by Foober40 View Post
Tiger1992 , In my opinion it's not fair to try and blame the GNML for standing in the way of the minor midget situation in the NOHA . I believe I told you last year the GNML had a proposal put to the NOHA to try and address the minor midget issue within the acceptable NOHA framework . It was refused by the NOHA . This year the GNML also put forward a proposal that was well thought out and provided even more opportunity than what is apparently now in place . There are issues still to be dealt with and politics and money will be the main problems going forward . The problem was not with the GNML before and it's not now , but there are problems to overcome without a doubt . It is a start to correcting what some see as a major issue but it's far from perfect and it will take time to work it's self out .
We certainly have been over this. The 95 Sudbury program was excellent for development with a high amount of draft selections. They where shunned locally for not 'working within the system'. Even denied an OHL Cup invite (imagine that). Same thing last year with Copper Cliff. My point has always been, the current system up north doesn't work. When we have seen teams like Sudbury, like Copper Cliff succeed, we should be welcoming that type of program, not shunning it like those in the north have in the past.

As an outsider, it really looks like some within the GNML are doing their best to limit programs like these from moving forward, because it hurts their relevance. Thats my opinion, thats the opinion of alot of my peers in the OHL. If thats not politics, then I don't know what is. The spin is that they are against the rules, well, if improving the amount of players that are selected by 40-50 percent happens while using a program that is against the rules, then boy, I really question those rules.

Im not from the North, I don't have any reason to hope positively or negatively on any program up there. Im pro player and pro development. When you look at the success that these programs have, and see the push back that they get, you have to wonder what the reason is. I don't get why it seems like I care more about the development of some kids up north where as those up north don't seem to share that passion. Maybe it's because I have nothing to loose? Its odd.

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