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05-14-2012, 03:49 PM
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some observations re: Game 1:

1) refs blew a few calls, particularly early in the 1st when the puck touched the Coyote who had just come onto the ice near the bench while the player he was replacing was still on, but Kings fought off the bad call(s),

2) Kings were faster and more aggressive on their forecheck, dominated the game, dominated ice time in their zone as well as shots and attempted shots,

3) Coach Tippett on the post game was somber, realizing and talking about how the Kings played dominating hockey that shut them down, implying that if his players don't step it up bigtime, they will lose badly, but Coyotes have to be better in game 2, couldn't be as bad,

4) Quick was rusty early but did get better as the game went along, made that highlight save with his glove while on his back late and he will be fine tomorrow, will be back on form,

5) Brown is better than I ever thought he would be, and is now a Superstar,

6) Kopitar is one of the very best two way forwards in the league,

7) our D, especially Mitchell, Voynov and now Doughty, are playing the best they ever have, and Greene and Martinez are doing well,
with our PK firing on all cylinders,

8) is it my imagination or is Jeff Carter pretty invisible? If he steps it up, we are almost unbeatable,

9) Richards is a true warrior, especially for his size, glad we got him even if he doesn't score a lot, he's a very good two way guy,

10) gotta love those other young guys, King and Nolan, with King showing us a lot, he's kicked it up a notch, as has Lewis,

11) Coach Sutter is a great coach for this team, and Lombardi has to be credited with getting him,

12) Kings will win this series in 5 or 6 games,

and then onward to the Stanley Cup Finals, where we will win it for the 1st time EVER !!!!!!!!!!!

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