Thread: Speculation: Will Jonas Holos make a return?
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05-14-2012, 05:18 PM
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Originally Posted by JrSakic92 View Post
Do you guys remember Jonas Holos? If not, let me give you a heads up:

-Drafted in round 6, 170th overall in 2008.
-Played 39 games for us in the 10-11 season before he left for the Swedish Elite League last season due to lack of play time / trust.

His stats during this years WC for Norway:
-3G, 3A in 6 games so far with a +7 rating.
-Averaging a sky-high 27:20 minutes a game.

During the 10-11 season he was one of our best defensive players, but still, Sacco wouldn't give him the ice time that he deserved, and many saw him as the most unfairly treated player in the league.
There is absolutely no doubt that he is good enough for our team, as it seems to me that he has gotten much better offensively as well.

What do you guys think? Will we see Holos in our lineup next season?
1. Correction: He was one of our best defenseman his first 5-10 games here, after that he sucked just as much as the rest of the team.
2. Correction: Many fans of our team saw him as the most unfairly treated player on our team.
3. Correction: There most definitely is doubt that he is good enough for our team. He's had very good international tournaments earlier as well. Hell, that's why he was drafted, but his play in the WC on a big surface does not equal his play on the smaller surface in the NHL. Even though everybody knows he's a physical beast he doesn't use his strength, and that's a huge problem for someone of his height in the NHL as long as he isn't an offensive wizard, something Holos is not even close to being.

Originally Posted by JrSakic92 View Post
Yes, he has one more left in his contract.

He's more than good enough, so why not. Let him play in the second D-pair.
So not only is he good enough, but he should also be a lock on the second pairing?

Originally Posted by Wolfy View Post
Holos will never return here, the way he was treated by this club. But he will most certainly return to the NHL.
What exactly are you thinking about here? The article in VG right after he left? If so, it was all a load of bull... Holos left because 1) He absolutely stunk it up in Training Camp and 2) Didn't outplay the young guns in LEM.

Originally Posted by Hennessy View Post
Holos was just as impressive before coming to the Avs. Don't mistake his international play for NHL ability. That said, he may have the skills to translate his game, but I doubt it'll be with the Avs. And for the record, I hope he takes hold somewhere.

Originally Posted by Wolfy View Post
Let's put it this way. If you guys start taking care of good players you might end up in the playoffs one year..
Oh, how cute.

Originally Posted by Bubba Thudd View Post
He had a good tournament. Hopefully good enough that we can trade him for a pick to someone that was impressed enough to take a chance on him.
Exactly. If one or more of the other 29 teams in the league thinks Holos is as good as the two Norwegians above believe he is, he will find another home in the NHL. I can't see Sherman saying no to a bottom round pick for a Euro that didn't make it. And if an NHL team thinks he can be a second pairing D or the difference between playoffs or not, that team will certainly be willing to pay such a low price.

Originally Posted by Rockies94 View Post
I could see him coming back for tryout/training camp like last year. He could have improved by leaps and bounds in a year, never know.
From everything I've heard, he was crap in the SEL this year as well, but the thing is, he was the first player arriving at the national team training camp before the WC. I'm not sure how long it lasted, but more than a month, and he obviously benefitted a lot from it.

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