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05-14-2012, 05:33 PM
Jason Lewis
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The thing about these broadcasts....

they are neither home nor away. Like Buddy mentioned with Engblom playing up story lines like Doan, or the Blues figuring it out, or the play of Backes...

THEY HAVE TO DO THAT. It's not just us, our fans, our people watching these games. You've got Coyotes fans and a bunch of neutral fans watching as well.

Do you honestly think they should just sit there and sing glory praises about every person on our bench and talk about how bad the other team is playing? No. It's a neutral, national broadcast. If they did that they truly would be terrible. They have to call the game as if both fanbases are watching, and they have been. If the Coyotes are down and out and getting thumped, they HAVE to talk about something about the team. I've heard Jim Fox and Bob do the SAME EXACT THING in bad losses by the Kings. They don't just sit and jerk off the players on the other team, they say "Well beside the score line I think line xyz has been good." or "player A has been good"

They take turns gushing and playing up story lines for BOTH teams. Last night it was Doan being a captain and trying to rally his team. It was no different then Backes and the Blues, and it's honestly no different then what they say about Brown.

Jesus I mean hayward was ALL up on Jonathan Quick in the last series and called him everything shy of a God.

Some of you expect too much homerism from a neutral national broadcast.

I think the broadcast teams, for what they are, have been just fine.

But I guess we all have to have something to ***** and complain about can't do it about anything on this team right now.

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