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05-14-2012, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by onefatsurfer View Post
1. The Devils have never gotten media attention, and the Rangers aren't getting media attention now. Nobody will give a rat's ass about the Rangers the week after they get knocked out or win the cup. It's just the way it is with hockey in the NY/NJ area.
2. I don't think the Rangers play like the Devils cup teams. Those teams had offensive skill as well as a strong defense and a hall of fame goaltender. The Rangers lay down on the ice to block shots, and that's about it.
3. I ****ing hate the Rangers. I don't give a **** whether it's cool to do or not. I want to **** in their throats.
4. My team has won 3 cups since the Rangers last won. Why would I admire them? That whole organization is a piece of ****.
1. Have you seen the backs of the New York papers lately? More coverage then we have gotten in a while. Care to listen to Mike Francessa or Boomer & Carton lately? Although Mike might be ignorant when it comes to hockey, the rangers have been getting attention.
2. Watch the Rangers play before you make senseless comments like this that make me think you have never paid attention to a hockey game.

Congrats on those 3 cups though, I do admire the devils from a professional stance. Great leadership from Lou down. But we are in 2011-12. No need to bring up the past.

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