Thread: The Columbus Dispatch: Richards hired as Head Coach
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05-14-2012, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Derby View Post
Settle Robert, I just pointed out you have a rather fluid definition of a quitter.

Evidently it's OK for some folks to petition and assemble and don the honorable lime green "For A New Start". Make's them a hero, right? But Nash quietly and professionally requesting the same thing "a new start" after giving his entire career to this town and team surprises you? Ever think that his request and your little protest group are fighting the same war?

Carter seems "like a good guy" to you? I guess if you like pouty and unprofessional behavior. Nash is and always has been a class act. I mostly take issue with your defending Carter and villainizing Nash. Not even close to parallel situations.

And when I responded to EDM saying he's "finished with this team"... I was having a little fun. His words, not mine.

Thas all.
Edmond's out look and I have nothing relevant, there was no useful reason to drag me into Edmonds issue with giving up... nor is this line of debate, put away the flame thrower.

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