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11-24-2003, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by wazee
The Avs do need a goalie. Aebischer has been adequate, nothing more.
I disagree with you their. Aebi has been doing exactly what was hoped of him and if that's what you mean by adequate, fine he certinally has been adequate.

He is leading, or very close to leading the league in wins for goalies and has done a steller job at keeping the Avs in games. Many people thought he'd fall flat on his face and the Avs would push the panic button and get Cujo or some other goalie who would not be doing a much better job than Aebi himself.

Aebi is doing fine and their are a few other things that the avs should be focusing on aquiring.

- A solid 3rd line, physical C/RW, physicallity(?) is I think the most important issue. The Avs despretly need some one to lay down the law on the ice.
- Good 5/6 d-man who can control rebounds from Aebi, doesn't need any offensive upside what so ever

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