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Originally Posted by Canadian North View Post

You're a funny one!

I know a lot about hockey. I'd say that I know more about the game than 99% of people. I've watched this game excessively for as long as I can remember. I've spent countless hours learning about player development, coaching styles, all the rules, the CBA, etc, etc.

The fact is, New Jersey had a following in the early 2000's and late 1990's, but that has long died out. Phoenix and Los Angeles have two of the lowest followings in the league, and Jersey isn't far behind.

This is BAD for the sport. What hockey needed was the opposite of what happened. A Nashville vs Philadelphia final would have been fantastic. The Predators have grown to have a fairly strong following, especially with most Thrashers fans having moved to the Preds. Philadelphia is one of the most popular teams in the league.

Ideally, though, the BEST finals for the league would be Toronto or Montreal vs Vancouver or Edmonton.
as far as followings go the devils could win 10 cups and it won't matter because there are too many ranger fans and the cup years in my opinion were bleak in comparison to other teams.
i am not saying the devils have bad fans or nothing because all the devil fans i know are dedicated and know the team and the sport it's simply that there are not enough of them.
i live in jersey and i know they have tried and it is not for lack of effort it is just that there are only so many hockey fans in jersey and a lot of them were ranger fans first.

it is tough to compete in a area that has ranger fans, islander fans then you got philly fans in south jersey plus you got buffalo and then not too far out of the area you got pit,bos,wash.

it is a lot of hockey in a small region compared to out west.

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