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11-24-2003, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Blackshad
... you dont get it. it was an example. It was the first rookie that did something that came to my mind. Dont worry i wont touch your godly kovalchuk anymore.

It was a very bad example. Comparing first overall picks that are 6'2" 230 pound torpedos with later picks is not a good example at all. I mean, even in his 38 goal campaign last year he averaged about 15 min and less with Frasier. We seem to think that rookies don't get the chance here, its not very different outside either. Look at philly with Hitchcock, its awfull. he plays Therrien instead of some of their good youngsters. We have already played a bunch of our youngsters, even if sometimes I'm mad about the way they are handled. I may be wrong but didn't Hejduk come at 23 years old? Look at Peter Sejna who's also 23, or even Jason King.

A lot of rookies aren't ready for NHl action, do you sincerely believe other youngsters will succeed where Hainsey and Hossa have failed if those youngsters have the same talent but are younger? Komisarek is the one thats ready, and he's here.

leave Higgins and Plekanec down.

EDIT: thx KILLger, I didn't reread my post.

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