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Originally Posted by hockeymass View Post
There's really just a ton of misinformation in this post.

A) EPP is not styrofoam garbage.
B) The foam in Jofa helmets is not the same as Crocs (not that that would make any difference with regards to head protection...)
C) You don't have to replace an EPP helmet after one major impact, unless it is significant enough to damage the helmet, in which case you would have to replace any helmet.
D) Jofa helmets are old and would be ineligible for use in any league or facility that requires players to wear certified helmets on the ice.

It's great that you like them, but please don't spread misinformation in order to try and make your point.
a) ok you got me on the EPP foam. i didnt know there was a difference between EPS and EPP, they felt like styrofoam to me so thats what I assumed they were...

b) AIREAYE brought up VN foam, those are the rubatex stuff you find in cooper/ccm helmets in the 90's, those things harden with sweat and overtime, so they are most definitely not safe anymore for hockey. in regards to jofa, as far as i know the foam in the jofa helmets are known as eva foam, which is the same stuff they make the crocs with. I looked this up too and I am quite certain of this. if you can find me a link that proves me wrong please do... i certainly wasn't trying to talk out of my as* here.

c) i have seen countless number of people having to replace their EPP helmets over the last 6 to 7 years since they started coming out. I dont know why but the epp helmets fall apart after 2 or 3 years, i have 3 broken ones sitting at home right now. It might not have anything to do with the foam itself but rather companies nowadays just like to make products that easily break so you'd have to replace them. on the other hand, I have never seen anyone have to replace their Jofa's, myself included, and I take slap shots off that thing in goal all the time! the foam is still in great shape after using it for 10 years (and i bought mine used!).

eva foams are more durable and longer lasting, the softer type foam are much better designed for minor blows to the head over and over again, and thats because they have a memory foam like property. this is the same for the VN foam as well until they become hard like a rock.

EPP foam on the other hand are designed against a single gigantic impact, at which point the foam with crush/disintegrate itself to protect the player, but at the same time making it unusable in the future. the outer plastic might be in tact but the foam inside might have become useless. its the same logic with a bike helmet.

Eva/VN/EPP foams all have their pros and cons. everyone probably have different needs, but imo unless you are in the pro's, eva foam is the way to go because you are not going fast enough for that gigantic impact to ever happen to you. its debatable which foams are better overall. but its clear to me that jofa helmets as a whole last much longer than the new helmets, as evidence by my 10 year jofa compared to my 3 separate new modern day helmets that have fallen apart at home.

d) so? doesn't mean you can't use them for rec.

I was wrong about some of the info, I apologize for that I should have checked first. Nonetheless, it doesn't change my opinion about the newer helmets, I feel exponentially safer in my Jofa (in goal or playing out).

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