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05-14-2012, 08:35 PM
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Originally Posted by MN14 View Post
Probably true. The sucker punch and high crosscheck on Mitchell were dirtyyyyyy, but that bodyslam on Richards was pretty manly.

I'm sure Mitchell/Doan are gonna drop them at some point. Too much juice there not to. Thankfully, there's no one else really physically scary on the Yotes. I mean, I'm sure guys like Morris, Pyatt, etc., can handle themselves, but with no Torres, there's not a lot of dickishness out there.
It's really funny how one-sided fans can get. I remember in the playoffs when Norstrom elbowed Forsberg in the face, Kings fans on here were all cheering and boasting that he took out his spleen the last time he went up against Norstrom. Now someone plays aggressive against us and it's all tears and *boo-hoos*. We are a physical team and we dish it, so you should expect to get some back, both clean and dirty.

*Note: That reference is something long ago and I'm not quite sure why that popped up in my mind, but to me, it was one of those times where it was clearly a dirty hit, Kings fans knew it, and Kings fans were utterly proud of it.

You said ... "outside of Brown, Kopitar, and Richards, who would you rather have in your forward lineup over Doan or Backes" ... I gave you a pretty long list of guys that IMO I would take over them, and IF you mean Doan and/or Backes REPLACING one of Richards, Brown, Kopitar ... I don't think I would do that either. While I won't argue Doan and Backes are great players and would make the Kings a better team over say guys like King, Stoll, Richardson, Fraser, Nolan, etc. ... look who showed up in the Playoffs last round ... RICHARDS ... NOT your MR. BACKES.
I don't even know what you're talking about. Did you even read my post? And Backes didn't show up? Did you even watch the games?

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