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05-14-2012, 09:07 PM
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I basically faxed all the clinics mentioned here and will just go with the one that is able to see me soonest.

Originally Posted by HarlemsFinest View Post
and for people who have gotten MRI's quickly. it's only because they felt there was something serious enough to look at. "urgent" MRI's can be done day of, next day, or a few weeks from now if it's urgent but not life threatening. so bragging about "i got an MRI in a few weeks!" is just saying "i had a big problem" or you happened to be extrememly lucky/know someone. a 6 month + waiting list is normal unless you are dying. and for people who have some shoulder problem and would never otherwise get scanned, you go the private route and waste 1000$ for them to tell you what it is. but you'll never get operated on anyway lol.
Yep...The public system isn't perfect for sure. I am lucky enough to have good insurance with work that will cover the cost because otherwise I'd have to wait months for the test through the public system. Years ago they got me in for an MRI within 12 hours as it was considered urgent, but now I guess not anymore. In fact, I was getting MRIs every month for almost 2 years and they always found room for me.

It's been almost 5 years since my last MRI though. The time lapse between symptoms makes me a non-urgent case I guess...Plus the doctor thinks I have a herniated disk in my back (which is not the same problem I had previously) and while painful, a herniated disk isn't really life threatening.

This aspect of the system really frustrates me though...I mean, a pinched nerve isn't usually a huge problem, but I have a co-worker who had a pinched nerve and who was dicked around by the system for 2 years, saying it wasn't urgent, and now he's in a wheelchair.

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