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05-14-2012, 09:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Fish Invictus View Post
I thought it would be fun to revisit the "blocked shots=good defense=good goalie results" myth.

The Flyers were in the top 10 (at 10th) for blocked shots in the regular season. They blocked <1 shot less than New York per game. Let's look at some teams who are known for their defensive play, and see how the number of blocked shots relates to goals against:

Flyers: 609 blocks, 2.74 GA

New Jersey: 606, 2.50
Boston: 585, 2.43
Nashville: 656, 2.50
St Louis: 566, 1.89
NYR: 672, 2.22
Phoenix: 527, 2.37
LA: 534, 2.07

So, only two of these defensive teams blocked more shots than the Flyers and had a lower GAA. The rest blocked less shots, yet still managed to have less goals scored on them per game. So...the argument that Bryz would have been better if the defense had blocked more shots doesn't hold up. He had pretty good shot blocking in front of him, and it didn't make a difference. He had better shot blocking than some of the best goalies (and many mediocre ones) this season, and performed below them. Glancing back and forth across the stats, it appears as though there are many teams who aren't renowned for defense...who didn't block as many shots...and still got better goaltending. So the notion that Bryz would do better if more shots were blocked doesn't exactly stand up.

On top of that, it doesn't exactly make Bryz seem very good if the excuse is "well...he'd be great if he didn't face shots!"
I didn't know there was a big "myth" to dispel. bryzgalov struggled at points in the season but you can block shots and still suck without the puck. if you really want to go find a stat, find out how many turnovers happened in the slot this year.

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