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11-24-2003, 01:51 PM
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it's rare that i'll say that but we need to rush the kids !! and im not joking !!
look at ottawa,colorado,philadelphie,boston,detroit,minnes ota,anaheim,Islanders,Florida,new jersey, etc...
they all rushed some young guns !!(with veterans)
Ottawa: Hossa,Havlat,Volchekov,Spezza,Vermette,Redden,Alfr edson,Fisher,Phillips
colorado:Sakic,Nolan,Sundin,Foote,Thibeault,Deadma rsh,Hejduk,Tanguay,Skoula,Vrbata,Nedorost,Liles
Philadelphie:Boucher,Zubrus,Fedoruk,Gagne,Williams ,Seidenberg,Pitkanen
Boston: McLaren,Thornton,Samsonov,Girard,Boynton,Bergeron
Minnesota: Gaborik,Schultz,Veilleux,PM Bouchard,Burns
Anaheim: Kariya,Tverdovsky,Kilger(not the best example),Cullen,Salei,Vishnevsky,Smirnov,Chistov ,Lupul
Islanders: Bertuzzi,McCabe,Salo,Brett Lindros ,Berard(drafted by OTT but traded for Redden) ,Dumont,Chara,Brewer,Conolly,Pyatt,Mezei,DiPietro, Torres
Florida: Niedermayer,Jovanovski,Warrener,Dvorak,Kvasha,Huse lius,Weiss,Bouwmeester,Horton
New Jersey: Scott Niedermayer,Rolston,J.Smith,Oliwa,Elias,Souray,Syk ora,C.White,Van Ryn,Gomez,Berglund,Gionta,Hale,Martin,Rupp,Foster
Rushing our players is stupid, these players weren't exactly rushed either, they were put in situations where they would succeed, which isnt the case here in Montreal. We ask our rookies to play top line minutes yet they shouldn't because they don't have any support around them.

I'll just take a few examples from your list:

Havlat is still playing on the third line, they prepared him well.
Volchenkov didn't play everygame last year and was on the last pairing, not exactly rushed.
Spezza played in the AHL, despite his huge talent, isn't he still playing on the third line with Havlat?
Vermette was just sent down.
Sakics team was awfull.
Hejduk, Tanguay and Drury were put in a position and with players so they would succeed, not with Mike Ribeiro.
Boucher---- LOL
Zubrus: See Boucher
Pitkanen playing on last pairing despite huge talent
Is Sedeinberg even a regular?
Thornton was playing on the 4th line his first year.
Bergeron has great support players with him.
PM Bouchard played on the 4th line and in the stands.

Don't even get me started on the Islanders, perfect example of a team rushes kids, destroys their confidance, trades them and sees them bloom elsewhere. Wait, isnt that us?

NJ has a great system with youngters, they play the exact same style in the AHL affiliate and until those players are ready, they stay there. Kinda like what BG is doing here with Jarvis.

Those players weren't put in a position to fail like we are doing. They weren't put on the first line without experience and support unless they had unreal talent(Gaborik vs Ryder, not exactly fair). We need to be patient with our players and be sure they are at the right level to succeed, otherwise, we will see a lot of cases like Hainsey, even though its far from over for him.

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