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Originally Posted by Siberian View Post
This is so wrong to bring Ovechkin and Semin right now on so many levels. Let me list them:

1. Chemistry right now is undeniable. The team gelled really well, why play with it now?

2. Ovechkin never performed well for team Russia on any levels. He is easily shut down by top defensive teams. The only important goal he scored for team Russia which I remember was in 2006 versus Canada. That was more than 6 years ago. One can say that he dished an assist to Semin against Canada in 2008 final but it was just an assist.

3. Ovechkin and Malkin on the same team have never been successful.

4. The only time Ovechkin won anything was when he was playing secondary roles on team Russia.

5. Every time team Russia relied on him as an offensive weapon team Russia failed (2005 Juniors, bunch of WC's)

6. Travelling to Europe from North America is much tougher than travelling from Europe to North America due to time change going ahead, which is my own observation. Russia's NHL'ers who joined team Russia on short notice after NHL playoffs rarely perform well for some exceptions (Kovalchuk and Bryzgalov in 2009).

7. How invested can both Semin and Ovechkin be after these playoffs? Sometimes people are just spent and there is nothing can help outside of long rest.

8. Both Ovechkin and Semin showed below average average speed. I thought they were the slowest players on the whole Caps roster. I can't stand watching Ovechkin who without the puck just stops skating, that is what allows him to play those long shifts, his work output is just nowhere close to an average NHLer. Any player on team Russia right now has been working hard, I do not believe Ovechkin can match that.
Now let me give the good reasons, to counter your points:

1. Only Malkin's line has really been producing, just check the stats. Only 1 line has REAL chemistry, everyone else gets by OK. Ovi joining could make 2 HIT lines, and 2 Holding lines

2.Ovechkin NEEDS to learn how to perform for Russia before the Olympics. Better do it now, figure out where he belongs, get the **** working. Because Russia needs him in the Olympics and by then it'll be too late!

3.Ovi and Malkin defeated Cze in the Olympics. They can work on the same team. Don't know where you got that myth from..

4.Kovy, before 2008 was always questionable. If they told him to stay home he would never score the tying and winning goals for Russia. They NEED to get the same out of Ovi. He can start now..

5.See above

6. Syomin is a weapon if used properly

7. Bill and the coaching staff have proven to be amazing so far. If anyone can make this work, its them.

Yes, it's a bet. It's a bet that NEEDS to be done. These players are key players and Russia has no choice but to make it work with these two. Because if they do- watch the **** out!!!

Imagine what a machine the Russian team can be if they get Malkin, Ovechkin, Datsyuk, Kovalchuk, Syomin and Kuznetsov all playing at their best by Olympics.

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