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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
are you sure about that?

how in the world would the NHL prevent GM's from negotiating with their own players prior to July 1st?

I believe that it's simply that they can't sign/formalize any deals before July 1st (or whatever the date is for future UFA's).

Pens could certainly allow habs to negotiate with him, and if a deal was agreed on in principle, habs make the trade and then sign him as soon as they are allowed.

and if there is a "rule" against negotiating, then they do it all behind closed doors (have to be quite naive to think that teams don't regularly bi-pass league rules, and as long as its done quietly, the NHL doesn't give a damn).
This is all true Miller Time, but while the Habs and Staal could conceivably come to some sort of consensus about a number to re-sign at, the fact remains that they would not be able to sign him.

Who knows what kind of character Staal has, maybe he changes his mind once July 1st comes along and says no amount of monye will stop him from testing the market.

Trading for players who are already making big time money and are so close to UFA is not the right path to building a consistent contender.

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