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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
then again, he was on pace for 33 goals & 66pts this year (and with 62 games, i'd say it's a large enough amount of games to suggest he'd have stayed close to that pace with 20 additional games... heck, if you add the 6 playoff games, he was at a 37goal/71pt pace over 68 games).

as MM pointed out, he did this despite being the Pens go-to defensive zone start C, and with pretty average top-9 wingers...

all this at 23.

also, to the "doesn't make his linemates better point".

Dupuis had a career year (11 & 21 points better than his 2 previous career bests)... guess who his primary centre was?

Cooke, 2nd best year of his career... Staal his primary C
Kennedy's 2 best seasons (this year and last)... Staal at C

yeah, I'd say a guy who, at 23 years old no less, can get the best out of Dupuis/Kennedy/Cooke, AND who can put up 30 goal/70pt pace with those 3 guys as his primary wingers, does both things you are skeptical about.

He makes his linemates better AND is likely to up his production when given actual top-6 wingers and more offensive zone starts.

Unless of course you think it was Dupuis having a "break out" season at 33 that led to Staal's career best gpg/ppg...

MM would be proud, using stats to make a point
You and I are basically on the same page with Staal. The only part where I will have to disagree is on Dupuis' production. He racked up the majority of his points at the end of the season while playing with Crosby.

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