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05-15-2012, 08:30 AM
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Kuz said he is staying in Russia. Who are we to say he will still come here.

George appears a defensive minded GM. And that's fine, solid team D has been THE Capitals playbook since we landed hot Rod. Back in the day, most wanted more offense, or blamed our goalies, when we choked.

George got knocked down a peg when BB rode Ovi to overnight dominance. Ted counting his cash all but forced George to suck it up. George said I can't take it, and under BB and Dale, we turtled.

The problem is, Ovi what 15% of our cap, is not defensive. At all. If George truly knows and believes top end players must be very responsible defensively, he has been living a life of lies thinking Mr Offense will land him a cup.

Which is it George, what is your direction. I think its Ovi for Selke. Square peg round hole, I expect him to just keep pounding away. We were so close under Bruce, and I think George refuses to accept any responsibility for why it didn't work. And refused to simply tweak what Bruce did, or supplement the roster more aptly, and chose to re-invent the wheel, Ovi, instead.

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