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05-15-2012, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
George can't be taken at his word. He and his minions like many sports GMs blatantly lie to the media. Don't worry, Beagle WILL be in the lineup. George should be on his horse looking for a coach now. I see no reason to wait unless he is waiting for a contract to end and has all but targeted his guy.

I agree Rouse, the guy comes across as confused. He landed Ovi, and his whole plan got a big ole monkey wrench thrown into it. He had a wide open window to win a cup riding Ovi, we all saw it, albeit early in his rebuild. But his goal is not to win a cup, and there in lies his problem. His goal is to compete for the cup every year, and one year by sheer chances alone, the cup will be ours.

Hindsight is 20/20 sure and he had some decent pickups, but he could have supported Ovi better and mortgaged the future for a 2C and 1LD proper.
I could understand the mortgage the future line of thinking a little better if the Caps were an older team with playoff vets that looked like they needed a push to get over the top. I see that strategy making the most sense when you have a couple of 30 year old top line players/defensemen/goalie that look like they might be starting on the downward slide and are trying to maximize their last remaining productive years. The Caps were not at that point 3 years ago. Almost every important player on those teams had little/no playoff experience. To upgrade the Shaonne Morrison's and Milan Jurcina's and Tomas Fleischmann's of the world, would have required serious mortgaging. Not to mention that the team was playing in front of Theodore.

It always appears that people assume that if they mortgaged the future that would have pretty much guaranteed a Cup. Given the random nature of the playoffs, it is just as likely, if not much more so, that the Caps would be sitting here now with 9more years of Ovechkin, no Carlson/Alzner, none of the assets from the Varly trade, likely no Kuznetsov (even though his status is so up in the air), and instead have a roster littered with bargain bin FAs and other assorted castoffs.

What the Caps needed were for their best players to play like their best players and show improvement each spring, allowing the promising youngsters to join a theoretically improving young core.

I guess what I'm saying is is that if the Caps are sitting in this position in 3 years, then go ahead and sign those mortgage papers.

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