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05-15-2012, 09:57 AM
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Originally Posted by swimmer77 View Post
My problem with Hunter was that he stressed that first goal so much. The team didn't seem adept at counter punching once down. Also the Caps scored the first goal a lot but then turtled and didn't seem to have a killer instinct. IDK if that was Hunter though or the guys not finishing.
I thought we were OK in counter-punching when down - we came back in a number of games in the regular season and came from behind to tie or take the lead in 5 of 14 playoff games. That said, your point about the 1st goal being of paramount importance is right, because I think we lost all 5 of those games.

What concerned me about Dale's coaching is whether he had the inclination and ability to vary his style depending upon the team's opposition. I thought his style was absolutely correct for Boston, but I really thought the Rags D was vulnerable to being attacked and forechecked (as the Devils showed last night).

And I wonder if he would have been willing to attack the Pens D (as Philly did), or attack Philly's D (as NJ did) -- if we had played either of those teams and stuck to his style, we would basically be declining to attack the opposition's weakness (their D), and effectively reinforcing their strengths (their offensive pressure).

McPhee really needs to chose wisely here - I think it's the last chance he gets.

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