Thread: Prospect Info: Odd and Unlikely What-If
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05-15-2012, 09:02 AM
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Holy crap, it isn't that difficult to distinguish between two players with the same name. The teams even make it easier for you by giving them different numbered jerseys to wear. Unless you're Bob Cole, it should not be an issue.

Frank and Peter Mahovolich didn't have initials on their jerseys, and they were both forwards on the same team at the same time, and even played on the same line occasionally. Yet, somehow, everyone managed to get them straight, one was number 20 the other 27. Pretty ingenious of them to come up with that idea. Imagine that, different numbers!

Do today's fans have such an attention deficit disorder that they can be so easily confused because two players on a team have the same name? Has it really gotten that bad? Maybe they should just scrap the names altogether and just have numbers. Force the fans to pay more attention to the game being played instead of their smart phones.

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