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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
Kuz said he is staying in Russia. Who are we to say he will still come here.
Did I miss where he said he is staying permanently? I seem to remember a quote about 2 years contract, but maybe I'm imagining it?

Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
Which is it George, what is your direction. I think its Ovi for Selke. Square peg round hole, I expect him to just keep pounding away. We were so close under Bruce, and I think George refuses to accept any responsibility for why it didn't work. And refused to simply tweak what Bruce did, or supplement the roster more aptly, and chose to re-invent the wheel, Ovi, instead.
Is it the lack of a 2C that cost us against Montreal? From my recollection, our biggest complaint at the time was guys not sacrificing themselves physically, not going to the front of the net enough, etc. Capable 2nd line playmaker wasn't big on the complaint list. In fact, improving our defense was.

In the beginning of the 2010 season we were scoring at a pretty good clip, things were looking good. Staying pat would have been exactly the type of thing that would have infuriated fans here, who anticipated more playoff failure without a shored up defense. The Flash trade seemed EXACTLY the type of tweak to improve our chances, I mean it was only Flash. So he trades Flash, who everyone hated and wanted gone, for Hannan. Seemed like a pretty good move at the time.

Our shift to a defensive emphasis did not occur because of McPhee finally saying "I can't take it anymore". It occurred because suddenly our offensive well dried up. Do I think Flash was a major factor? Eh, I doubt it. Teams started pressuring our puck carriers often with 2 guys, and the type of offense to make that strategy fail was not BB's forte. But this revisionist theory that McPhee interfered and changed the system that was working so well is ridiculous. Believe me, Boudreau was on board with it because he knew that we would not be able to score like we used to.

Again, to me GMGM's single biggest failure as a GM was in his coaching hires. His second biggest failure was his inaction at this year's trade deadline, particularly with regard to Wideman. He had an opportunity to sell high, Orlov would have been a capable replacement down the stretch.

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