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Originally Posted by RandyHolt View Post
Decent points Capsman.

But Bruce said he regrets listening to <unnamed person> and going defensive. Who was that? I fully believe it was George. Coaching was compartmentalized. Evason did not have a say in the offense. Bruce apologized to the fans for the boring style.

That Flash trade rattled Bruce's cage and to the day caused our team to fall into a tailspin. Maybe teams saw us lose an offensive piece and focused on Ovi, but I think it was more Montreal that laid down the blueprint to squash Ovi. I theorize Bruce losing Ovi got flustered and his emotions on his sleeve thing was seen on the ice.

But once the bleeding stopped, Bruce slowly but surely got away from the trap. Did we trap to beat the Rags in 5 games? Hell no.

As to why we didn't beat Montreal, I believe it came down to coaching. We did the same thing all year long, and it was easy to be game planned for. Ovi and Green full 2 on every PP. Ovi flying down LW, stepping inside, and shooting. Thinking Sarge could support Green at playoff speeds. Not trying Theo after Varly lost 2 straight. Not trying M instant offense P in game 6. Both with Montreal ties, something extra to play for.
I never saw that quote, but if that's the case it certainly changes my thinking a little bit. Hmm. That said, I still question whether we would have pulled out of that offensive slump that occurred right around the time Flash was traded, and before we went defensive. It seemed to drag for quite a while. Yeah, against the Rangers we did open things up a bit, scoring 2.6 goals per game. And the TB series we were certainly hampered by defensive injuries. Going to this season's start, however, I don't feel like we were playing super conservatively but still really struggled to score goals after that hot start. I don't know what to think anymore, honestly.

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