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05-15-2012, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by danishdynamite View Post
Denmark beat Italy 4-2, but I think it looks very bad.

The Danish coach is probably the only one, who cannot see that his 2.line is a total disaster. Granted - they only played together 1 game, but there's no way Jannik Hansen can carry that line.
Eller as 2. C is the only thing that makes sense, but unfortunately it's not going to happen.

And Eller is so misplaced on the wing... and I could go on and on..

The only good thing is that my expectations are very low at the moment, so they can only surprise. The QF are far away, I think.
Unfortunately I was right.

The first line was terrible in terms of goalscoring. They got two lucky deflections from Eller and some PP-goals against Sweden after they stopped playing.

Jakobsen and Hardt never found their game - huge disappointments. The same can be said for Andersen, F. Nielsen, Larsen.

Bright spots were Storm, Starkov and S. Nielsen.

In terms of expectations I think our 4. line were the best seen over all 7 games. Nobody on D really stood out.

I hope Backman will retire soon, and that we somehow find a way to beat Belarus and Slovenia for the OGQ..

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