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05-15-2012, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by NHLsnipers View Post
Is that really what is happening in the Atlantic this year?

The Flyers were barely better than the Penguins.

The Devils demolished the Flyers.

The Rangers are doing to the Devils what the Devils did to the Flyers.

Are these teams that far apart or is it coaching coming through at the right times?
Nothing here but a styles issue.

Rangers play well against the Flyers. They are a weak defensive team with a weak goalie and when you have a sound defensive structure and do not get intimidated by their goonery, the Flyers are a easy team to handle.

The Rangers DO NOT play well against the Penguins. We can point to any number of things that cause this, but I will lean on size, speed and offensive creativity down the middle as the reasons we cannot contain that team.

The Rangers and Devils match up pretty evenly with the nod going to the Rangers. 23-6-5 record cannot be overlooked (Hank's record against the Devils). This is a situation where more often than not, we sem to get the goals when we need them, more than the Devils do.

I bolded that specific section because the Rangers will have to learn real fast how to beat that kind of team because if we are to advance to the finals, the Kings have size, speed and creativity down the middle and that is going to pose a significant problem....

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