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05-15-2012, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by manilaNJ View Post
And Susie NoName in Bumble****, Middle America cares about Stu Bickel cause it says New York on his jersey? No, she doesn't.

Of all the dozens of people I see around town and on facebook bangwagoning for the Rangers this year, not a single one of them can attest to watching a second of the postseason this year. They'll boast that Rangers logo as loud and hard as they can, but they don't give enough of a damn to actually tune in. Save for those that happened to be in a bar at the same time they chose to broadcast a game.

Those with the intention to watch the Stanley Cup Final will do so whether it includes the superstar Rangers or the lowly Coyotes.

Just because the teams are based in New York or Los Angeles will not inspire any average joe to tune into NBCSN to watch a hockey game than if a smaller market appeared.
It's HOCKEY, we're all irrelevant in this game.
The NHL doesnt want to appeal to its dedicated fanbase. They dont even want to appeal to the casual fan. They want to be appealing to the fence sitters, especially fence sitters in smaller markets. New York vs LA is a geographically-appealing sell for broadcasters.

NBC's money makers isnt sports. It's prime time shows. They would be more inclined to use prime time ad space to pump up a NY-LA SCF, than use that ad space for a NJD-PHX SCF.

Again, the Rangers dont need to appeal to anybody outside of NYC-metro because their local ratings not only beat the Devils 100 times out of 100, but make up for whatever national lack of interest there may be.

Devils fans need to get over their insecurities when it comes to off-ice stuff.

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