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Originally Posted by Canadian North View Post
I ignored the rest of your ridiculous post because I've already responded to the exact same trash before, but this one got me.

Firstly, Canadian North is the name of the airline that I worked for at the time that I last changed my name. Secondly, I definitely think LA deserves to have a hockey team. Same goes for San Jose and Anaheim. All three cities do a great job of supporting their teams. All I'm stating is the simple fact that, outside of California, those teams are entirely irrelevant. How many Kings fans would you find in Vancouver? How about Toronto? Montreal? New York? Boston? Little to none. As for Phoenix, the numbers speak for themselves. There aren't even a decent amount of fans in Arizona, let alone anywhere else in the world. As for Jersey, one poster explained it earlier. It's a saturated market. With the Rangers, an original six team with the kind of history that they have, being so close to the Devils, it's hard for them to draw a strong fan base. In addition to that, the Islanders, Bruins, Sabres...even the Flyers and Penguins aren't very far from New Jersey.

The Rangers are the only team left with a strong fanbase throughout North America and Europe. Original six team, one of the most wealthy teams in the NHL, they play at MSG, they have this habit of signing everybody's favorite player at some point, etc.

Anyways, I think I'm through with arguing the same points over and over. You folks enjoy the boring hockey, if the Kings and Coyotes style can even be considered "hockey". I'll spend the next couple of weeks watching good hockey
Maybe because all those cities already have teams with their own fans? And just to go a step further, i would say every (not an over exaggeration) away game the Kings played (i can only speak for them), the kings broadcasts always single out and show Kings fans in opposing teams arenas during intermissions so there that is.. you're basically just talking out of your ass. I'll admit the following isnt as big as say Detroit...but there arent meany teams in the NHL that have the same fan base as Detriot...Their the NY Yankee's of hockey.

Us less educated hockey fans will enjoy watching Stanley Cup "hockey"... And you have fun with the Memorial cup, you wont be missed

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