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05-15-2012, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
Lol, honestly - how do you know it was BS? How do you know that Tararsenko was in shape? If anything, 6 games before the WC that he played for NT, he was invisible. I think he had 0 points in all those games. That's more proof than anything that he wasn't ready.

You guys can think whatever you want, I don't really care. I saw the interviews, I heard the tone of voice the coach used (you didn't!), I saw ALL the interviews and ALL the games leading up to this. You guys are filling in your lack of knowledge about what is going on with complete and made-up BS, based on stereotypes and Russophobia politics

But if it makes you happy, keep going.
First off, don't label me as "you guys", I'm an individual opinion and I haven't criticized the coaches decision. I criticized his transparent excuse of Tarasenko not being well conditioned enough(seriously give me a ****ing break with that) as the reason he's not in the lineup. By the way, do YOU know that he wasn't in good enough condition? You could have just stopped at,"he didn't produce at NT level." and that would have been enough for me personally and I'm sure most would have accepted that as a reason. The coach left this topic and himself WIDE OPEN for critcism with his "lack of conditioning" bs.

You say he just wasn't good enough to crack the roster? I'm fine with that. I'm not basing anything on stereotypes, I'm basing it on a coach coming up with a really, really obviously bull**** excuse that he very easily could have avoided and didn't.

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