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Originally Posted by Bones45 View Post
Chubros hit the nail on the head.

The game today is impossible to watch. Its filled with huge equipment, blocked shots and defensive systems. And when you compare todays game to those of.. lets use the 1994 Couver clip from above, its as plain as day..

Rarely, are there SAVES, rather there are goalie blocks. Current mentality = Just butterfly, take up the lower part of hte net b/c there are 3 people taking up space on the angle to the upper parts of the net. result? shot blocked or wide. yawn.....

The only way hockey can get back to a more open, and offensive game, is to either make the nets bigger, the rink bigger, outlaw butterflying (which is a ***** way to play), or reduce the size of equipment.

When was the last time you saw a kick save? God I miss those days. Where is Denis Savard with all the maneuvers in teh offersive zone? Right.. there is no space left to do anything. (yawn #2)

But to commment a bit on the butterfly -- its here to stay--unfortunately. Like I mentioned in a different thread, put some oversize pads on me, and I can learn to butterfly and make some BLOCKS myself.

And as a result of butterflying, huge equipment, no space, and defensive systems, todays goalies are nowhere NEAR as talented and impressive as goalies in the past. Ya just dont HAVE to make saves anymore.. just play your angles properly, and butterfly.........
if a goalie tried to play standup today in the age of composite sticks where every player can fire a wrist shot 90+ miles an hour every shot that gets through the defence will go in. Equipment advances help everyone not just the goalies, the butterfly style was part of goalies adapting to better shooters too let's not forget.

If you really want to make the game more offensive there's only one way to do it, take coaching out of the game. Coaches don't get paid to teach teams how to outscore their opponents, they get paid to teach teams how to out defend their opponents, just the way it goes. You can make all the other changes you want, but coaches will eventually figure out how to limit scoring and you're back where you started. Goals alone don't make a hockey game exciting, it's the flow of the game back and forth that makes for an exciting game.

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