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05-15-2012, 01:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
So then where does Burmistrov stand with this. He is young, has an NHL contract and did not make the cut.

Also, tell me who this "Russian Brass" is? I really want to know, since you seem to know who makes the decisions around there. Also tell me their relations to FHR, KHL and the Olympic Comittee.
I answered in another reply to you, but I'll say it again. I never questioned the coaches decision, just his obviously bs reasoning which he could have avoided. If you're actually defending that obviously bs reasoning.....then I think you and I are done here.

My god, you really like to argue don't you? I get that you don't like some of the opinions on the Blues board but generalizing and claiming Russophobia is not the way to get people to take you seriously. Again, you could have just said he wasn't good enough(perfectly okay opinion) and people here would have probably accepted it as face value even if they didn't share that opinion.

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