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Originally Posted by Zine View Post
He was talking about your response to my post.

You said the 'Russian brass' is likely to try and influence non-NHLers on the national team.

Just wondering if you really know what you're talking about?...or was it a blanket statement based on stereotype? Who is this 'Russian brass'? Who makes these decisions? What relation do they have to the FHR? KHL? Russian olympic committee? Do these individuals (individual) have a history of doing such things?
While I applaud your efforts to vet these allegations that the "Russian brass" are irrationally and/or illogically biased against Tarasenko, can you provide evidence that the so-called "Russian brass" is NOT demonstrating irrational and/or illogical bias against Tarasenko?

The onus of providing proof can be placed all around, especially when we have no idea what is really happening. In fact (pun intended), it is much easier to disprove something than it is to prove something. And many scientists and scholars subscribe to the Popper school of thought that nothing can be proven; we can only disprove.

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